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Friday, May 28, 2010

Welcome to My Yurt

My nephew and a friend each sent me a link that I thought worth sharing. Cory published an article: Dink Shui: The Art of Uncomfortable Living in My Yurt on McSweeney’s, a humor website and publishing house created by David Eggers. I enjoyed it and there are other pieces that are well written and humorous too. Check it out – it’s fun.

Jonathan B. sent me a link to Steve Jobs' 2005 commencement address at Stanford. He sent it to me because of something I said about Ann’s graduation – I think the part about Ann being good about figuring things out and my living with ambiguity. Jobs’ message to the students touches on those themes too. He shares three stories from his own life in his speech. But it isn’t a speech. They are three stories he weaves together beautifully. One story is about connecting the dots, the second about love and loss, the last about death. It’s worth 15 minutes to listen and watch.

I think both Steve Jobs and Cory are welcoming you to their yurt. And with any luck you’ll also get a meal.

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