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Sunday, May 9, 2010

Hallmark Holidays

Today is Mother's Day. We aren't big on "Hallmark" holidays. Eunice and I have a tradition for Valentine's Day and our anniversary of going to a card store, picking cards from the rack, giving the cards to each other, and then returning them to the rack. Ann is coming home tonight and Dallas will be home next Saturday so we've put off celebrating Mother's Day for Eunice until next weekend - she's their mother, not mine. And what a great mother she is.

Ann graduated yesterday. It was very nice. Every speaker said something about how the graduates would remember this day for their rest of their lives. I realized I have virtually no memory of my college graduation. Perhaps commencemnt speakers think too highly of themselves.

We went out to dinner and I realized it isn't as hard as I thought it might be. I had a plain hamburger and french fries. Ordering something to drink caught me by surprise. My concerns over eating out were always about the food not the drink. Diet drinks give me a headache, can't have a beer, caffeine is out, I rarely have soft drinks, so I had water.

Took a snooze in the car on the way home.


JohnWMann said...

Dave - for what it's worth, I enjoy a glass of cold water mixed with a splash of orange juice and a bit of pure lime juice. Not sweet at all, yet very refreshing.

David Koller said...

Thanks, John. That was helpful. My beverages have been boring. I tried it using club soda, juice from half an orange (didn't have OJ), and a capful of lime juice - maybe a little less. I assumed a splash was more than a bit. It was very good.