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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Pitching Woo!

The Urban Dictionary defines pitching woo as: To flirt. To mac. To exhibit your game. To woo a hottie. That's pretty much what I meant except their definition makes it seems so contemporary and maybe even acceptable.

I had a steak in the freezer and decided to make it for dinner for me and Eunice. I had made Steak Diane for us many years ago and thought that would be a nice thing to do with a single steak that we could split with an added baked potato. I remembered that I used a recipe in the New York Times Cookbook. When I found the recipe for Steak Diane (page 91) I saw that there was a note: "Very Good. David made 12/83." It was beside the recipe for Steak Au Poivre not Steak Diane. 1983 precedes our marriage by about a year-and-a-half. I must have been pitching woo - and I'm thinking successfully.

Eunice is a remarkable person. Everyone is better off having been touched by her. We went to Paris a couple of years ago and as we were walking to join a boat ride on the Seine I heard the clink of metal on the ground. There is a scam where someone drops a "gold" ring and asks if it is yours, identifies some markings indicating it is "real gold," and tries to sell you the ring. Eunice immediately told the person she was sure someone going to the cruise had dropped the ring and she'd be happy to take it to the boat so it could be returned to its owner. The scam artist was speechless. All he could do was let her keep it. As we walked I told her I had read about this scam and was sure he would come back. He did and asked for 5 Euro. Eunice politely declined and returned the ring to him. The scam artist merely smiled and nodded his head acknowledging her goodness. That's Eunice and that's the kind of support I am lucky to have during my chemotherapy and so much more.

I'm not courageous and I don't think I am fighting a courageous battle against cancer as some people have suggested to me. There is the love and support of family and friends that makes chemo seem a part of you that just is. I think more times than not it is harder for them. I'm just doing my part for Eunice and the kids, trying to have some fun, and pitch a little more woo.

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Steak Au Poivre: This recipe is a combination of Steak Au Poivre and Steak Diane. It’s for a single serving that you can expand as you see fit.

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