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Monday, May 3, 2010

To the Pain

There is a scene in the Princess Bride where Wesley threatens to fight the Prince "to the pain." The aches and pains did come from the booster shot. Started in my arms, moved to my knees, and then my pelvis and base of my spine. It's more of a big bone body discomfort. It's not really pain but it was a catchy title for this post.

Last time I had chemo Adriamycin was part of the treatment. It's not good for your heart and I had some problems a few years ago. They put me on Coreg which is a beta-blocker. My heart functioning returned to near normal but I still take the Coreg. Beta-blockers block that rush of adrenalin you get when the person sitting next to you in the car screams, "red light!" That doesn't really bother me anymore. For a diabetic the downside is that beta-blockers mask the synmptoms of having low blood sugar. Growing up I could always feel my insulin reactions and was pretty well in tune with how my body felt. I could almost predict my blood sugars based on the taste in my mouth and other things. Coreg took that away about 4 years ago. The Neulasta and its discomfort have brought some of that back for me in the sense of feeling something about how my body is working. Kind of like an old friend. To the pain!

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Spaghetti Sauce: We had spaghetti for dinner last night. Eunice makes a great sauce that we've used since before we were married.

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