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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Great West Health Care - Now a Part of Cigna

You've heard of Cadillac health care coverage? Well, we got the Yugo. You know a company is bad when they answer the phone and tell you they aren't who you think they are, they are someone else or least part of someone else. Cigna shouldn't be thrilled to have the taint of Great West on them.

Eventually every thing gets covered or 99% of it. And it takes hours of unnecessary time to make that happen. If I got hit by a bus tomorrow Great West would deny the ambulance because it was not pre-approved. Although they would be happy I'd been hit by the bus because as a company driven by expense control my death would save them money. Perhaps that's why they didn't cover my first cycle of chemotherapy.

They deny any claim first and then we and my physicians must start the paper work and phone calls. I didn't need CT scans because after 5 years they are unnecessary. The fact that I had and still have a living cancer inside of me is irrelevant. Fortunately I continued to have CT scans after contacting Great West (yes, every time) for pre-approval. Guess what they found? See my first post! And let's say you get the CT scan. The radiologist who works in the office that is covered by Great West may not be covered by Great West. So they deny the claim. More letters. Why would the radiologist not be covered? Because Great West is such a pain it costs more to be covered by them than see their patients. That's how I lost my previous endocrinologist of over 20 years. By the way, from what I can see radiology is the best part time job in America.

Great West Health Care - Now a Part of Cigna has no Moral Compass.

I feel better. This may be the best thing Great West has done for me.

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