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Monday, May 24, 2010

I Child-Proofed the House, But They Still Get In

Eunice and Ann are on their way home from Chicago and from what I understand had a good trip. They did a lot of walking Saturday night and Sunday. Visited Millenium Park, the aquarium, ate lunch there, took a water taxi to Navy Pier, walked Michigan Avenue, did some shopping, and had dinner at Pizzaria Uno. Ann's interview went well and she likes the organization, Mercy Home for Boys and Girls and hopes to be accepted for an internship. She liked Chicago and likes the urban setting. Chicago is a great city and I love it there too.

Dallas was home for dinner every night. We had steaks with leftover grape tomato and white bean salad on Saturday , ribs and baked beans on Sunday, and Tuscan chicken with home fries tonight. He was very helpful while Eunice and Ann were gone.

I did paint the bathroom this weekend - a rich red called Salsa Dancing. I probably did a little more than I should have. Got tired and has some low blood sugars. It looks nice but needs a little touch up here and there. I had my Cytoxin treatment today and feel good. I did sleep through most of it recovering from the bathroom painting escapade. Booster shot tomorrow and then off for a couple of weeks. I'm planning a trip to Detroit for work June 7-9, looking forward to doing a little travel, and seeing the folks in Southfield. People like to see you to make sure you are OK. My mother-in-law said I was doing remarkably well and even cheerful. I wasn't taking Prednisone when she was here.

I'm beginning to believe Eunice has warned both kids about the effect Prednisone has on my patience. They are complimenting the meals I make and thanking me for them. I'm a little suspicious. I may have to make a tragically bad meal to test my theory.

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