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Thursday, June 10, 2010


Just returned from a trip to Detroit and traveling was easy. It’s amazing how accommodating people are; not just friends but everyone. I went to a deli for lunch and all their sandwiches had something I couldn’t eat. Darius, the guy behind the counter offered to make me a sandwich that met my needs. He built it ingredient by ingredient suggesting interesting things to put on along the way. It was great and I think we both had fun while he was doing it. I was careful in restaurants but it wasn’t a big deal. I also was able to sleep well and didn’t get overly tired. I made plans to go back on June 28-July 1 for some additional meetings.

I have an appointment to go over the results of my scan today. Don’t really know what to expect but hope everything is smaller. I’ll post the results later.

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Dee said...

It sure was great to see you, David, and I'm glad that the trip didn't wear you out too much. I enjoyed our talk yesterday morning. Good luck with your appointment today!!