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Sunday, June 20, 2010

I Went to a Garden Party…

Really it was a graduation party for John and Angie’s son. A beautiful day, sitting outside, catching up with people. I’ve been a little socially isolated.

Kathy complimented me on the blog. I was trying to explain to her and Bob that it is a real outlet for me but not just for the writing. The “putting it together” piece is just as important. It helps with my tunnel vision by really giving me something on which to focus.

So how does a blog work? Search me. Most of it is automatic but when it starts “thinking” for me it gets very interesting. What I want and what it does often are not aligned. I get focused on fixing those things and it can keep me occupied for hours.

The blog has actually been 3 blogs that I tried to tie seamlessly together. The collection of recipes and the recipes themselves are separate blogs that open in a new window so you never have to leave this one and click back; same with incorporating pictures and other links. It is not an automatic function so I had to incorporate the HTML language to make that happen. I’ve made a lot of trips to the HELP section and HELP is not always very helpful. Basically it is a control issue and right now, I have a high need for control.

Carrie told Eunice she also like the blog but that I never said how I was. She didn’t know what she was starting. I’ve been working on that with tunnel vision since last night. There is now a 4th blog – The Friday Update: Just the Facts . I'll include a link for it at the end of each post and also on the top sidebar of the blog. You can simply click on it to get the short update on how I am doing or bookmark it to go there directly once a week so you don’t have to wade through all this other stuff. Thanks, Carrie for the suggestion via Eunice.

I’m still feeling well. Had some issues with constipation this week and felt a little off for a day. I also have a sore throat and think I may be catching a cold which is not good. This morning I noticed I also had a mouth sore and it occurred to me that the sore throat could be a side effect of the chemo especially because otherwise I feel fine. I gargled with salt water to see if that would help I did get some immediate relief but I remember as a kid my mother had us gargle with salt water as a “cure” for sore throats. Can’t hurt.

Eat Good Food, Be Kind, Tell the Truth
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Collection of Recipes

Mediterranean Potato Salad: Good for a Garden Party.

The Friday Update: Just the Facts

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