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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Sweet Sleep

My sleep has been off and on. I sleep well but not for long periods of time - typically about 5 hours. I've been taking a nap during the day for 30 minutes or so. Felt lousy all afternoon last Saturday for no apparent reason. That's all I have to complain about so it isn't much. The other odd thing is that I go to bed with a "normal" blood sugar but wake up with a high blood sugar; not just a little bit high but near 300. This is unusual for me. I'm going to check in with my endo today to see if she has any insight/advice. I have a scan on Friday.

In the meantime, Dallas has started his work as a lifeguard and is happy to be busy and earning some money. His friend, Amanda, is coming to visit next week. Amanda was here last year and we are looking forward to another visit. Ann returned from her first trip with Wilderness Inquiry and loved it. They took 16 mentally/developmentally challenged people to the Apostle Islands for a camping/canoeing weekend. She was enthusiastic about the everything.

I continue to feel well and enthusiastic about things too.

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JanV said...

David, thanks for keeping us so well informed--I look forward to reading your blog each day. Hope you get the blood sugar issue under control. Love to you and yours.