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Sunday, June 13, 2010

A Good Egg

My daughter has a friend who insists that you if there are two foods you like you should be able to combine them and enjoy that too. It’s not a bad idea for trying new combinations of food but it tends to breakdown with eggs and desserts. A fried egg over a dish of ice cream; I don’t think so.

My need to not leave leftovers too long in the refrigerator has gotten me to try leftovers with a fried egg over the top for breakfast: chili on a piece of toast, enchiladas, mashed potatoes and cream gravy, baked beans on toast, the beef from fajitas on toast with cream gravy, rice and pile on ingredients, a hamburger, salmon with lime sauce, and so on – all with an egg over easy on top. It’s filling; often the breakfast holds me over until dinner.

Turns out I didn’t discover eggs and leftovers or creative concoctions using eggs. There are people out there eating eggs on almost anything. I found a blog dedicated to putting an egg on it. There are a lot of good ideas for topping things with an egg and some not so good ideas as well.

Eat Good Food, Be Kind, Tell the Truth
Click below for the collection of recipes or for an easy to print copy of a single recipe.

Collection of Recipes

Frying an Egg Over Easy

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