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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Clearing-Up Some Things

Ann got six nice messages from around the country and the world wishing her a Happy Birthday. It looks like I have 6 readers and 5 of them are outside the state of Minnesota. Maybe readers in Minnesota are shy. I’m not really into social media. It seems to be more technology focused than really useful for some purpose. Someone sent me a link: Twouble with Twitters that I found funny and took me back to the reasons I starting writing letters to Ann and Dallas when they went to college.

Last week was not a great week. I know I claimed Cytoxan might be the cure for the common cold but it’s not. The cough got worse and is still bad. I did find a decongestant I can use but it's not really very effective. The tiredness I experience with the cold seems additive to the chemo fatigue. I’ve been very tired this week. Hoping it goes away soon.

Eunice is back from the family reunion in West Virginia. Apparently the next one (3 years from now) is going to be held in Minnesota. It’s not clear to me how that happened. It appears there are many needs that have to be met so right now I’m leaning toward seeing if we can reserve one of the many rehab centers in Minnesota; not so much a reunion as an intervention.

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