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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Happy Birthday, Annie

Twenty-two years ago about this time (3:15am) Eunice's water broke. By 12:30 we had a little girl. She got a 10 on the APGAR scale - good lungs - and let everybody know it. Happy Birthday, Annie!

I was re-reading some letters Ann and I exchanged her freshman year in college. In one she talked about how letter writing was a dead art. I had brought the topic up in a letter I sent her. She was connected to her cousins and others through social media like Facebook. Even email was starting to be used less because of the immediacy of Facebook. And now my cohort and baby-boomers around the world have taken over Facebook reconnecting with friends from high school, little league, college, and revealing private things publicly (see the Turdulence post). I created this blog to keep friends and family informed about my lymphoma and selfishly to keep track of my progress through chemotherapy. I imagined a small group of people that I know reading this occasionally but I have no idea who is reading it or where they are.

So let's try an experiment in social media. IF you happen to read this (today, tomorrow, or weeks from now) do me a favor and leave a comment wishing Ann a happy birthday. I'll pass on your good wishes to her and promise not to publish them.

I didn't really get an answer (not that there is one) regarding my overnight rise in blood sugar other than it may be time to increase my dose of Lantus insulin in the morning. Many people take Lantus in the evening but I take it in the morning to avoid overnight lows. I'll raise it two units and see if that helps.

In the meantime if you're not on a Low Tyramine diet, enjoy a piece of Ann's birthday cake. It has ingredients higher in Tyramine and obviously isn't friendly to diabetics either.

Eat Good Food, Be Kind, Tell the Truth
Click below for the collection of recipes or for an easy to print copy of a single recipe.

Collection of Recipes

Double-Coconut Cake: A favorite of Ann's. This is NOT a Low Tyramine friendly recipe. I will NOT include it in the collection of recipes. But for Ann's birthday and the rest of your family, here it is.


Dee said...

Happy birtthday, Ann! :-)

Emma said...

Happy birthday Ann! I will also wish you so on Facebook. :)

Also, I'm really enjoying reading your blog, Uncle David.

Steve said...

Happy Birthday, Ann. And I'm sure you'll enjoy the celebration, Papa. ... Steve

JohnWMann said...

Happy Birthday to Ann from her friends in Scotland.

John and Lindsay

Meandering Minstrel said...

"Schönes Geburtstag" from your Uncle Doug & Aunt Jane.

Christine "Bjerke" said...

Happy Birthday Annie! Love, the best babysitter ever, Christine!

Anonymous said...

Very Interesting!
Thank You!