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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Buck Up

In 2003 my father died of lung cancer. He lived with it for about 3 years – probably longer than anyone thought he would. The legend is that at one point he told my mother he just didn’t feel like he could go on much longer and her response was that he had to “buck up”. Turned out he had a collapsed lung at the time and once it was fixed he lived a while longer. After last week, Eunice told me to buck up.

Where do idioms like “buck up” come from? I think we’d all agree that buck up means to basically grin and bear it or just plain old “get over it.” Since I have time I did an internet search for the origins of buck up. Apparently it is related to the male spirit of rutting deer (bucks). And there may have been some connection to “bucks” or snappy dressing “dandies” of nineteenth century Britain so that “buck up” meant to dress better.

Last week, I had a bad week. The cold and cough got the better of me and I wasn’t very nice – pretty self-absorbed actually. I didn’t feel well and was extremely tired; dozing off for a few moments in the midst of things. Eunice took the brunt of my bad attitude and I really spiraled downward for a few days. I went to urgent care, got some antibiotics, and started to feel a little better. I apologized to Eunice for my behavior and received the “you need to buck up” message. It’s was good advice on both fronts: to get over it and snappy dressing.

I have a much better attitude this week as I traveled to Detroit for work. I dressed very casually for the trip out wearing shorts, t-shirt, and sandals. Not exactly snappy dressing. However, I forgot to pack my shoes (see chemo brain) so I am wearing bright orange sandals with slacks and an oxford shirt for my business meetings. I may have started a new trend. It’s a bold fashion statement, very snappy, and has been well received by others. Fortunately orange goes with anything.

Buck up!

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