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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

A Cure for the Common Cold?

I caught a cold last week and, no, it wasn’t a side-effect of the chemo. I dislike colds very much. They tend to last 2-3 weeks for me and involve a trip to urgent care. I did not want that. I was out of sorts and not feeling so well for my treatment on Monday, yesterday, and it had only been 3-4 days. My throat was a little sore, nose running, and a cough. I told my nurse if I needed a mask I’d be happy to wear one or whatever so others didn’t get it. The funny thing was I was the only person in the chemo room so they left me alone. That lone Monday infusion (D8) is Cytoxan and only takes about 2 hours. I slept quite a bit through it and when I got up to leave realized I felt pretty good, almost like my cold was gone. I thought maybe it was all the fluids or something.

Twelve hours later I’m still feeling pretty good – maybe a little congestion.

Twenty-four hours later and all is well. I have a little congestion but will call the pharmacy today to see if there is a nasal spray or something I can use to help stop that. The Procarbazine has so many restrictions that I can’t take a lot of OTC medications.

I don’t recommend it but an infusion of Cytoxan may be the cure for the common cold.

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