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Saturday, August 28, 2010

Hog on a Log at the State Fair

Our niece, Emma, stopped to visit on her way home to Michigan from the Pacific Northwest. It was a treat to have her here, literally. We took her to the Minnesota State Fair yesterday evening. The Fair is a big event here and is one of the largest in the country attracting over 1.7 million visitors last year. More important is the variety of food available especially the foods on-a-stick. We didn’t try it but saw a deep fried banana split on a stick available. We tried to introduce Emma to as many foods as possible. I’m unable to eat most of what is offered but did have an apple, corn on the cob, a pork chop on a stick (hog on a log), and a cup of fries. All delicious.

We walked quite a bit and saw many of the attractions. The walking was good for me and I was able to do it without difficulty. Got tired a couple of times but felt good. I slept well last night and am feeling pretty normal already for this cycle. I start my next and final cycle on September 7. There’s a one day delay getting started because of the Labor Day weekend.

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