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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Rush Hour, Traffic Jams, and Deadlines

I was listening to a local sports radio show on my way to chemo yesterday. One of the personalities was flying back from somewhere in the morning and thought he had plenty of time to get to the station for the morning show. His schedule made him unfamiliar with rush hour traffic. After getting frustrated with stop-and-go traffic he stopped for breakfast and called in his show from a local Perkins. He took a lot of grief from his colleagues but maybe it will become a regular feature in the future.

I’m kind of like that guy. One reason I am able to keep working without problems is that I don’t have to deal with rush hour, traffic jams, and deadlines. I’m not part of the herd. As a remote employee I don’t have to shower, drive to work at 8, stay all day and return home. That would be tough. I’m up early, can start working early, take a break when fatigue hits, work some more, and fairly easily meet my work requirements even on busy days without it being a severe drain on me. The folks at work understand this and even appreciate it. Technology helps too. There really is a place for telecommuting in the workplace today to reduce stress and increase productivity not only for cancer patients but for everyone. Bricks and mortar are overrated.

I just finished the first three days of infusions of cycle 5. My sleep is disrupted again, hands shaking from the prednisone, attitude good, a little fatigue occasionally, feeling well, and happy to be avoiding rush hour, traffic jams, and deadlines.

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