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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Black Cat or White Cat?

I went to China about 3 years ago and found some notes I’d taken when on the tour bus. We had a great guide who was interesting and didn’t hesitate to confront questions (some plainly rude) about the differences between capitalism and communism in a philosophical and thought provoking way. Her explanation of the difference between the two was it doesn’t matter if you have a black cat or a white cat. If you have a cat that can catch a mouse, you have a good cat. It was a great answer since it made people stop and think while she moved on to the next question.

I’m in Southfield, a suburb of Detroit. I watched the local news yesterday morning prior to the gubernatorial primary. You would think the issue would be jobs but given the news report it was abortion. That was good news for an organization called Right to Life that was noted to be the state’s best organized and powerful advocacy group. Probably a disappointment for many others. The right to life candidates were predicted to prevail and among Republicans the “more” right to life candidate. Jobs? Who cared?

The results would seem to say the news report I watched was off base. Yesterday’s vote in the Republican primary represents a defeat of sorts for traditional conservative groups. Right to Life of Michigan backed Mike Cox who wound up finishing third. Former computer executive Rick Snyder, as self-described nerd, defeated four opponents to capture the Republican nomination for Michigan governor. His support for easing restrictions on embryonic stem cell research reportedly turned off social conservatives, just not enough.

Snyder will face Democrat Virg Bernero in the November election. Bernero has been the mayor of Lansing since 2006 and dubbed America's "Angriest Mayor" for his rants favoring federal bailouts to General Motors and Chrysler. He is the son of an autoworker and apparently stressed the economic frustrations of a blue collar base decimated by a decade of job loss.

The "nerd" and the "angry mayor" will battle to be Michigan's next governor in November. It looks like the mouse is job creation and economic recovery. Hopefully Michigan has a choice of two good cats to lead it out of its economic troubles.

I start my 5th cycle next Monday. The last cycle I fell into a pattern of self-pity. I wasn’t very pleasant to be around especially for Eunice. I need to be more philosophical and focus on the future. I have to make a concerted effort to not let the drugs affect my attitude. I need to be a good cat too.

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