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Friday, August 20, 2010

Cleveland, Ohio

I went to Cleveland this week to conduct some interviews. This was a little different from other trips because I had to take the Prednisone on the road. It worked out fine but I did run out of steam on the way home last night and have been paying for it today taking frequent naps.

Cleveland reminded me of Detroit. Thinking of Detroit reminded me of the Michigan primaries which reminded me of the Minnesota primaries. The connection between Cleveland and the Minnesota gubernatorial primary is a history of embarrassment.

Cleveland took a hit when the Cuyahoga River caught fire in the late 60’s or so. I grew up in Ohio and as I remember the river caught fire a lot – I mean it wasn’t really something new. Anyway it kind of started a lot of trash talking about Cleveland and environmental concerns. Cleveland has come back a long way since then. They’ve overcome their embarrassment; not so with more recent Minnesota elections. We’ve elected some doozies.

How would you like to be Norm Coleman who lost the governor’s race to Jesse Ventura, the Senate to Al Franken, and won the year his opponent, Paul Wellstone, died 6 days before the election? Anyway this year Mark Dayton (D), Tom Emmer (R), Tom Horner (I) won their respective primaries. They are all embarrassing. The question seems to be which one is most embarrassing. Right now, Emmer seems to be leading in that category but given time Dayton can overtake him. The race is on but we didn’t get a good cat in this one.

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