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Monday, August 23, 2010

54 and 77

Today is my 54th birthday. I’m feeling well and have gotten over the fatigue I was experiencing late last week.

Eunice took me and Dallas out for dinner last night to Murray’s for our birthdays. Dallas will be 20 on the 28th. We had the silver butter knife steak for three and I splurged on the garlic toast rounds. It was delicious. Dallas and I went to the ball game afterwards and the Twins won 4-0. The last batter for the Angels wore number 77, a minor league number. He needs a new number - this is the majors. Good food, good game, good company.

Later today I’ll head to Chicago for work and will be able to have dinner with Ann. She and the interns she is living with invited me for dinner. It’s a good birthday. Hope to have many more.

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Anonymous said...


We completely forgot your birthday--glad you had a good day. We watched that game, too. Go Twins!

Love, Jan and Gary

tims said...

Happy Birthday! Lucky you have the Twins. Us--not so lucky..


David Koller said...


cathelinedavid said...

belated happy birthday.
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