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Sunday, August 8, 2010

Art Fairs

Eunice and I went to the Uptown Art Fair yesterday. We took the bus and got there as it was opening at 10. The featured artist for the fair is Xavier Nuez. I’d never heard of him (which isn’t unusual and is why you go to art fairs) but he roams alleys and abandoned buildings in urban areas and takes pictures to capture their “beauty” in edgy settings. Detroit is one of the cities he visited and I was interested to see what images he might have. Turns out I don’t care for his photographs as much as others do. There seems to be a trend among photographers to use lighting and other means to dramatically highlight colors and make them more vibrant. I’m more of a black and white guy.

They did a nice thing this year and had an Art Hop bus that takes you to the Powderhorn Park and Loring Park Art Fairs too. We ended up going to all three. Eunice got a pair of earrings at Loring Park and we decided we liked the smaller art fairs a little better. Uptown is a large art fair with a long history, lots of artists, and lots of stuff.

I can’t really eat anything they offer at these types of fairs. But there was a French Fry stand in Uptown so I got an order for lunch. They cut and cook the fries in front of you which for me raised some concerns about the status of my immune system. They went down fine and so far, so good. Minneapolis has a growing Hispanic community near Powderhorn Park. Many of the vendors at the fair offered Mexican fare which, to my chagrin, I could not eat. On our way home I was a little low on sugar from all the walking and I drank a Mountain Dew – sugar good, caffeine bad. Got a little bit of a headache but it didn’t last too long. It was a very nice day; quite an outing for me.

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P. Hentermine said...

Hey buddy, you must be careful in taking your diet. Avoid the sugar products dear, its not good for your health.

David Koller said...

Thanks. Took the sugar for insulin reaction. Can't have the caffeine because of the procarbazine I take for chemo. As a diabetic I'm careful about sugar.