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Monday, August 9, 2010

I Miss Ingrid

I ran into Ingrid this morning on my way in for chemo. She was coming out of the pharmacy and we chatted for a while. She went on a road trip with her mother down and up the Pacific Coast Highway and had a fabulous time. They rented a convertible and instead of her hair billowing back as you see in commercials, she let the air caress her bald head. They had a blast.

She asked about the kids and I filled her in as best I could. I told her Ann is in Chicago and has a list of things she has requested to be sent to her. I also told her about Dallas’ upcoming Semester at Sea and she thought that was great. He shouldn’t be surprised if a talkative, bald, diabetic woman appears on his ship. I shouldn’t say bald; her hair is beginning to grow out a little and she has quit using a lint roller for grooming.

The chemo room is more subdued without Ingrid. Today is my long day and I miss her most on this day. Seven hours is a long time and we were typically here the entire time together – others would come and go. Sometimes I take a nap and the room turns over. It’s a little disconcerting when that happens. They really need a Master of Ceremonies to introduce everyone and facilitate the conversation now that Ingrid is gone.

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