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Friday, July 9, 2010

Improving Your Golf Game

John invited me to play golf last night. I was a little hesitant but was feeling pretty good and decided to give it a shot so to speak. Walked nine holes, carried my bag, didn’t get overly tired, and actually played OK. I think I hit every fairway on my drives. I had three birdie putts, missed them all, but my short game stinks and there isn’t anything new there. I only hit three really bad shots. A port may be the answer to the duck hook.

Eat Good Food, Be Kind, Tell the Truth
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Collection of Recipes

Sauteed Kale with an Egg and Salsa: We joined a CSA and have been getting some kale in our box. Apparently it is considered one of the top cancer preventing foods available to us. This is a suggested recipe.

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