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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

A Bicycle Built for Two

I finished the last infusion and my booster shot for this cycle this week. Feeling well but a little more on edge than in the other cycles. My sleep has been more disrupted but I’m doing OK. I’m more prone to frustration – little things bother me – and I was (maybe still am) spiraling into a funk. Eunice has accommodated me in many ways during my chemotherapy. But she went above and beyond last night.

I found a used tandem bicycle on Craig’s List. I’d gotten it into my head that I wanted to get a tandem so we could talk while taking a leisurely bike ride. We have many trails near our home and the state is full of bike trails on old railroad lines. When we ride together we get separated and it is hard to talk. Plus I could steer and Eunice would be the little engine that could. We test drove the tandem (an older Trek T50) and bought it last night. It’s in good shape, was a fair price, and fits us both well. We needed a larger frame since we are tall and many tandems won’t fit us well. It’s blue which seemed to fit my mental state.

I did suffer my first injury during the test ride; actually at the end of it. The bike has leather toe straps that will be removed. When we got on I mentioned I would probably forget about them. Sure enough, when we stopped I didn’t get my feet out and over we went. I scraped my elbow and knee and bruised my hip. This isn’t good for a guy with low platelets and I’m a little sore but have a smile on my face. Mentally I’m better, physically I’m worse. When I coached little league a kid once told me he preferred the “mental part” of the game. I’m appreciating that more and more.

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