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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Does Cancer Stimulate the Economy?

When Bob Kerrey was asked about dating Debra Winger, he said she was his "stimulus package”. I wondered if cancer falls into that category. I thought maybe developments in technology, drugs, education, jobs, etc. related to cancer might have some economic impact. I couldn’t find anything to support that.

It’s hard to say if my personal spending related to my lymphoma and treatments has helped stimulate the economy. We spend less, virtually nothing, eating out. We do spend more on food at markets, spread that spending around more than we did in the past, and purchase groceries several times a week to have fresh things. And then there are just things. My treatments also coincide with Ann and Dallas coming home from school so that means we spend more than when they are away and that creates a perception that my treatments are vigorously stimulating the local economy. Eunice just shakes her head.

People also send me stuff, nice stuff. Friends have sent flowers, books, things to watch on DVD, baskets with treats, a straw hat, cards, good thoughts, and well wishes. Someone is benefiting from all this. So what’s an internet search show is doing well these days? Fun things like…

Clinical Strength Deodorant
Yep, major deodorant brands are experiencing a jump in sales due to clinical strength deodorants that have just recently hit the market. Deodorant must be a staple in our lives no matter what the economy is like. I guess we sweat a lot. Personally, my biggest jump in hygiene products has been for hand sanitizer.

No, not Email, but that little can that you have seen collecting dust in the back corner of your grandma’s pantry. This is of particular interest to me since it is made in Minnesota, I have visited the SPAM museum, and SPAM sales are up. The, employees of Hormel Foods in Austin, Minnesota are living the dream. They are producing as much as possible and we are buying it. I actually like it, much to the dismay of my family, but it’s not for a low Tyramine diet.

Video Games
I guess they are relatively inexpensive compared to out-of-home forms of entertainment, and they can provide many hours of entertainment. And they are an escape from the real world. During the Great Depression, American’s flocked to the movies to take their minds off what was going on around them. Now you can get hours of fun playing video games.

Online DVD Rentals
People are not taking their money out on the town like they once were including to the movie theaters. We have NetFlix and can watch a movie at home, make our own popcorn, and, in my case, enjoy a cold glass of water for the cost of the straw that comes in a drink at the theaters.

I guess cancer spreads quickly, not economically.

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