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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Hawaii Will Never Be The Same

I finished the Hawaiian Islands on the needlepoint map last night. It will be hard for me to refer to Hawaii as anything but the Hawaiian Islands from now on. Today is the 8th of September so I am about a week behind. I still have to finish the Gulf of Mexico, a bit of the Atlantic Ocean, and part of the border that goes around the entire map. And since I have to spend a week in Detroit later this month I am really two weeks behind. Or can I take it with me? I don’t check luggage so I would have it in my possession the entire way. It’s bulky, it’s a big map, so using the same bag to pack will be an issue but I won’t check it under any circumstances. And how much will I really get done at a business meeting? I should be sleeping better then but may still have time to kill in the morning.

After my first treatment yesterday I went to bed about 11 and was up by 3:45. Yeah, I’ve got some time. The treatment went well. I had to be tipped again although it was less dramatic this time mainly because I knew what was happening. We scheduled a PET scan for early October and I was asked if I had any issues they should know about. I never know exactly how to respond to that question but decided to let them know about some side effects I’ve noticed. The response was this is the last cycle and we will take a look at some of that stuff later to see if it just goes away once I am done. Basically, buck up for now.

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Chicken-Pineapple Skillet: This recipe is from the More With Less Cookbook, a collection of Mennonite recipes. There are many recipes that are Tyramine friendly in it. They help you consume less of and use effectively the world’s food resources. Our was printed in 1977 but there have been updates.

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