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Friday, April 30, 2010

A New Taste Sensation?

I had another infusion of Cytoxin on Wednesday and my booster shot of Neulasta yesterday. The Neulasta is to "jump start" the bone marrow to produce more white blood cells. I may experience a little soreness in my big bones but so far have not. I've been fortunate so far avoiding a lot of the the discomfort that others may experience. In case you're thinking the same thing I did, I read somewhere that the degree of side effects is unrelated to the effectiveness of the treatment. I'm anticipating a very good outcome.

My meals have been pretty good and we are getting a little more adventuresome. Meat seems to stay with me and that may have something to do with the prednizone. Chopped steak is my friend. It's good with an egg and toast for breakfast, makes a quick lunch, and have had it for dinner as well. It's easy to get into a rut so we went for a new taste sensation last night: Enchiladas - and remember cheese is not a good idea. I'd recommend this recipe for people who need a low Tyramine diet but I will also include instructions for those who don't. The full recipe is a friends recipe from over 30 years ago and it is great. I modified the "filling" from a recipe I found on a migraine free cooking blog by Heidi Gunderson. Obviously I'm concerned about a Low Tyramine diet and not migraine free cooking so some of my ingredients (spices?) may not be appropriate for people with migraines. I've included a link to her blog below and in the sidebar.

Eat Good Food, Be Kind, Tell the Truth
Click below for the collection of recipes or for an easy to print copy of a single recipe.

Collection of Recipes

Migraine Free Cooking

Enchiladas We made the enchiladas last night and they were very good. I was skeptical about the cream cheese but enjoyed it very much. Since I should avoid leftover food, I had an enchilada with a fried egg (over easy) for breakfast the next morning.

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