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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Did You Know?

I'm going to add a link that I found helpful. It is on Low Tyramine Diets. It's by folks at Northwestern Memorial Hospital dated November, 2008. Apparently the study of Tyramine content in food is evolving and this article is a good summary of more recent studies about what you can and can't eat - short and sweet.

I wondered if caffeine-free diet drinks would be OK. I tried a diet cola (6oz) yesterday and it didn't really agree with me. I read later that Aspertame is something you might want to avoid.

Frito's have 3 ingredients: whole corn, corn oil, salt. You remember those "walking tacos" you ate at Pee Wee hockey tournaments where you put chili, lettuce, and cheese in the bag and ate it with a spoon? Well, they weren't all that bad for you in terms of tyramine. Forget the cheese.

Had hamburgers for dinner last night and we made Tomato Jam to put on them.

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Tomato Jam
This is a tastier, chunkier replacement for ketchup. Great on burgers or anything else on which you might use ketchup.

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