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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Frustration is a Self-Inflicted Injury

It's not my line. Brendan Harris, a Minnesota Twins third baseman was quoted saying this during spring training. He attributed it to Sage Rosenfels, a Viking backup quarterback. Last night Denard Span got tossed from the Twins game for showing some frustration with an umpire's called third strike. He injured his character and the team's chances of winning. To his credit, he said so in the paper. It is interesting that elite atheletes have to work hard to keep their emotions in check. It's a lesson we can all learn from - especially me.

Frustration and prednisone are a bad combination. The prednisone gives me tunnel vision and today I felt confused by my treatment plan and experience in the doctor's office. They actually came through and cleared everything up including calling me at home later with more details I had asked for and explaining why some of the things that happened had happened. Today was a good reminder that I don't need any self-inflicted injuries. I'll focus on what I have control over including my diet, my attitude, and asking good questions.

Speaking of taking control, my endocronologist asked for me to fax in a food/exercise log each week. I use mainly to record my blood glucose levels. In the spirit of things I posted a link for a simple Food Diary to track what you eat and activity. There is space for other stuff you might want to include too. There was a little conceren that I had lost weight the past week - about 8-10 pounds. But if you start out a little chubby, eat simpler healthier foods, cut out snacks, have no cheese, quit drinking alchohol, and are a little more diligent about getting some exercise (walking) you lose weight. Hard to believe.

Eat Good Food, Be Kind, Tell the Truth
Forgot a key ingredient for an enchilada recipe. Didn't get frustrated - making progress in little ways. Maybe tomorrow.

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